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A bag for city strolling [Review] Bag Camera ( COPPU Brand )


Bag Camera


“Our brand is located in Bangkok, Thailand and all of our product is crafted locally.”

Bag Camera


About Brand

Coppu logo        We love street and travel photography. Our goal is to make camera bags that align with our ideology. We believe in traveling light, packing only necessary gears when you go out and shoot. Lugging excessive equipment will only interfere with your shooting experience so all of our bags are designed to be compact and lightweight. We also place great importance on aesthetic beauty. We believe that the more beautiful a bag is the more you will want to use it, therefore it will help drive you to go out and shoot more, or help you decide to take the bag (and your camera) along with you during your trip. We know that beauty is subjective, the reason we designed our products in a contemporary style is that we aim to offer something different.

Although our brand is relatively new, our artisans have many years of experience in the field. We can guarantee that every unit of our bags is handcrafted with tremendous love and utmost care.

We will continue to bring more variety to our camera bag collection along with other goods such as leather straps, soft release and etc.

กระเป๋ากล้อง Coppu bag camera

With all of the vintage-looking bags on the market, we try to bring you something different. Our contemporary style camera bags offer you a fresh look with the highest protection for your gears. Our bags are made with high-quality genuine leathers which are crafted with love and care by artisans in Bangkok, Thailand.


Bag Camera


Anvil M – for small mirrorless camera

  • Dimension : 9x27x17 cm
  • Material : Genuine leather : Nappa (black,tan)
  • Hardware : zinc (black gloss)
  • Insert(black) is detachable insert divider is adjustable

*please note, for M size bag the height of camera should not exceed 8 c.m., more than that the bag will be too stretched

Bag camera

Bag Camera Coppu

Bag Camera

Anvil L

Bag Camera สีดำ


Bag camera Black

Bag camera



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Coppu bag


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